Sunday, March 1, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Way up high. There’s a cake that I heard of once on the internet…. I know corny…. work with me people!

While on the quest for the perfect dessert for Lizzie’s perfect luncheon; my crowded brain was racing at manic speed (nothing new). Considered mile high lemon meringue pie; did lemon curd in meringues last year…. cream brulee, 5 flavor pound cake, something chocolate??? Hmm, too predictable…. Perhaps fruit tart with a spun sugar topping??? Decided fruit would go best with the main course. Madly searched the net & suddenly there she was; a psychedelic angel. Needless to say; I feel in love with the picture of this Rainbow Angel Food Cake. OMG factor & it screams spring! Ain’t she pretty!!!

This is a grown up version of the kid’s Rainbow Cake dedicated & highly patient mom’s bake up for their kid’s birthday parties. My inspiration came from a picture of Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake mix.
Being an overachiever, didn’t want to compromise my craft so I made the angel food cake from scratch. Something about beating all those egg whites (13 - count 'em) into glorious, silky, shiny clouds makes me happy, happy, happy. At this point some of you smarter folks are pondering there ain’t butter in angel food cake; hold on to your thongs…. patience my friends.

The finished cake is pretty, delicate & lovely, lovely, lovely. For sure has the “WOW” factor. Ribbony levels of color, The Devil Made Me Do It Butter Cream Icing & the sugared flowers will compliment Lizzie’s Garden. Pretty, pretty, pretty; although I did space on the order of the colors.....

Lizzie had a looksee & was a little overwhelmed by the array of colors so I am offering her up Rainbow Angel’s step cousin Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White Angel*. “Step” Cousin because she did come from the Betty Crocker box….. She came out allot taller than her Cuz; I’m thinking Rainbow is jealous…. She can relax; the cake mix was dreadful & wouldn’t slice right so no inside peek; it is a lovely pink. That being tall thing is soooo overrated! Did I say dreadful; it was horrible, the worst, don’t waste your time bad. The baked from scratch is wonderful!!!
*Name courtesy of FB Social Director Extraordinaire Lynne Belcher Burgess who sent me a game on Facebook where you find the Billboard #1 hit the day you were born. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White was #1 June 11, 1955 & after watching the video realized it was the perfect name for Pinky!

Angel Food Cake
I went with a recipe from All About Cakes and it is heavenly!!! Thanks Rose; she really has her "groove on" when it comes to cakes!
Note; I used lemon juice & 1tsp. zest instead of extracts
Food Coloring
To make rainbow divide mixture into 3 equal portions in separate bowls & fold in 6/8 drops of desired food coloring thoroughly. Pour each layer into angel food pan; level as you go to get out air pockets.
For one color add about 8/10 drops of food coloring & fold into cake thoroughly.

The Devil Made Me Do it Butter Cream Icing
From Serious Cakes
Note; I used lemon juice instead of white vanilla & 1 tsp. zest

Gum drops; flattened & shaped

Plated up the girl needed a little pizzazz; I went with whipped cream but ran out of time to shoot pic. Send me your ideas!
Want Elaine happy, happy, happy & from her comment she is looking for something chocolate; I've got the perfect thing!!! Next week! I know I'm such a tease....

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, Why, oh, why can't I?


  1. That is a beautiful cake! I love the colors of the layers and the flowers on top are so pretty. It sounds delicious!

  2. it's so fun, and PERFECT for a ladies springtime luncheon in the garden! now about next weeks recipe... give me a hint! ingredients include: chocolate, butter (of course!) and ?!?!

  3. This is beautiful. And make sure you bring a piece to me in NJ, Im waiting!! It looks so gorgeous!

  4. That is beautiful, I am so impressed!

  5. How cool is that cake! And of course it must be delish with the buttery buttercream. Mmmmm!

  6. Angel food cake is just the best! I love the photo of the swirly, pre-baked batter.

  7. i'm extremely impressed! a lot of time, effort, and heart clearly went into this, so a big ol' bravo to you!

  8. That's the prettiest inside of a cake that I've ever seen!

  9. What a beautiful cake! The colors really take it to the next level.

  10. I love this beautiful cake! It takes me back to childhood birthdays because my mom would make me a cake called Jello Poke Cake. You baked the cake, poked holes in it with a straw and poured different colors of jello in the holes, making it rainbow colored. She always topped it with my favorite icing-7 Minute Icing. Thanks for the nice memory!

  11. How funny looking! The dough looks so moist and soft!

  12. So enjoyed your site. Some great ideas and I have to admit pear and any blue cheese are so yummy. Have a great day.
    Happy Twirls

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  14. The rainbow cake looks so pretty... I just made rainbow cupcakes.