Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comfort Sunday IV & Grilled Pesto Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Since this is the end of SHS- surely by now you’ve got it…Stay Home Sunday’s; I plan to relish every second of it. I will read, watch movies, listen to music (I had to include “At Last” in my repertoire), cook & sit by the fire. OMGosh, I am exhausted thinking about it & the whole point of SHS is to relax…… No problem, I will multi task as all woman are trained to do.

I learned how to multi task from my sweet Mother. She could drive carpool; no gum allowed, stop by the market, drop us off for dance lessons, pick up my Daddy’s drycleaning, return library books, run by the fabric store as she is one hellavaseamtress to make our dance recital costumes & have the car back to my Daddy (we were a one car family “back in the day”) all in an hour! Whew!!!

My BFF Kaye called last week about the new blog & said "You’ve gotta post your Mother’s Pimento Cheese." It was a staple in our dorm room back in the day, that and instant grits got that gal through 4 years of college. My response; “Ain’t no butter in pimento cheese” Kaye’s reply “Who cares; it’s the bomb!” Mother's Pimento cheese is also the reason I think my brother-in-law married my sister Claudia. I brainstormed all week, how can I pull it off???? Don’t want to let Kaye down as I featured “BT” in last week’s blog & we were the 3 Musketeers in college but it is a butter blog....

Brainstormed & pesto decided I would invent a Grilled Pesto Pimento Cheese Sandwich (lots of butter for the grilling.) Pretty, pretty, pretty & the flavors will dance across your taste buds. Happy, happy, happy; I have gotten my Mother, Sister, Brother-In-Law, Kaye & butter all into the same blog; how is that for multi tasking?

Recipe Drama.....
Here is where things got dicey; now I know how to make pimento cheese in my sleep but do I have a recipe? No. Call Mother; “Hey Sweets, I need your recipe for pimento cheese.” “Sweetie Lamb, you know how to make it, besides there is no recipe & you know I don’t like it cause it has mayonnaise & you know how I don’t care for mayonnaise. Wish I could talk but your Father & I are walking out the door to go do our volunteer work taking care of the old folks (Mother & Daddy are 80….) ” Great, now what? Call my sister Claudia, “What is the recipe for Mother’s pimento cheese?” “I never make it cause Jack will only eat her’s.” For crying out loud, work with me people! I’ll punt, here is what I did today.

Mother’s Famous Pimento Cheese
10 ounces of Sharp Cheddar Cheese- this part is all Mother- Kraft Cracker Barrel
Grate fine into large bowl, add mayo to taste (I used 1 and half cups Dukes- I like it creamy)
4 ounces of drained sliced pimentos or throw in a couple of roasted red peppers
Dash or 2 of hot sauce, dash of Worcestershire sauce, dash of salt & lots of cracked pepper.

Blend thoroughly with an electric mixer; this will break up the pimento/peppers. Scrap down & blend again. Done! Refrigerate; for use later let sit outside of fridge to soften. Makes about 2 cups.

Small Batch Quick Pesto
2 cups basil sliced & diced
1 glove garlic cut into pieces
¼ cup of grated Parmesan
½ cup olive oil
2 TBSP water
Salt & Cracked Pepper

Put in Emulsion Blender & pulse several times to break up, continue to pulse till it breaks down & blend thoroughly into a paste. Let sit to thicken.

Grilled Pesto Pimento Cheese Sandwich
French Bread- sliced ½” thick- 8 slices
Pimento Cheese
Pesto Sauce
Butter- couple of Tbs.

Heat non stick large sauté pan on medium. Add butter till bottom of pan is covered & it starts to sizzle. Spread 4 slices of bread lightly with Pesto & place pesto side down in griddle; spread with Pimento Cheese; top with another slice of bread & spread top with Pesto. Grill till golden remove from pan, add more butter & flip & grill other side till golden. Remove from heat & rest for minute or 2 or cheese will run all out when you slice. Slice & serve warm.

These are perfect for chasing away winters chill & would pare nicely with mushroom soup. I am going to try this one from the Alchemist Chef's Blog.
Off to take in my last SHS!


  1. Thanks for the blog love :) Your sandwiches look delicious. Normally I'd throw in some tomatoes but I love the idea of pimento cheese!

  2. This would turn into a favorite real fast :)

  3. Great story. So did your "punted" recipe come out exactly like Mom's?

    Thanks for adding us as a friend on Foodbuzz. We welcome you to come visit our site!

  4. I love your posts! Great humor and while I have transitioned to Olive oil . . ."hey-y-y-! I can taste every buttery bite!!!!!!!!

    Patty Gironda
    Home At Last!

  5. Yum yum yum yum YUM!!!!!! There was a time when a good sammie was good 'ol white bread slathered with pimento cheese. The end. It was lovin'. You've brought back good memories!

  6. Patty
    Olive oil is my friend as well!
    Check out patty at Home At Last on my blog list.

  7. Turns out Duo Dishes are good ole North Carolinia natives; shoulda' known when you mentioned pimento cheese on white bread; be still my heart!!!! For me the fresher the white bread the better; loved Sunbeam!
    See their blog Duo Dishes link on the list.

  8. You are a hoot! And your recipes are making my mouth water.

  9. Gooooooodness I love butter too, AND my own sweet mother's pimento cheese. This looks fantastic! Love the southern fun, it hits home for this Nashville girl :) My grandmother always called me her little lamb of God. love it!
    keep the butter flowing!

  10. When my kids were small I made this all the time, but I use an oil only base, I too do not eat mayo, a veganaise from health food store...I ate these when I was growing up, and was thin as a bean pole, now look at me, lol